Specialty Stone Veneer Fireplace Surrounds

An interior stone fireplace can make for a stunning focal point in your living room or basement and will add warmth and charm to your living space. As beautiful as fireplace stone surrounds may be, they can sometimes be impractical and costly additions to a home. To recreate the look of a natural stone fireplace may be a difficult endeavour due to the weight and installation process required. That’s why Stonepark is proud to offer a cost-effective solution – stone and brick veneer fireplace surrounds.

Easy to Install Fireplace Surround Stone

A Modern Solution to Traditional Stone Fireplaces

Fireplace stone and brick veneers can transform the look of your fireplace without the hassle of major home renovations. Veneers can be installed over almost any existing fireplaces or can be used within new renovation framed structures. Due to their light-weight properties, installations do not require the need for special foundations and mortar as is common with traditional, large stone applications.

Fireplace stone veneers replicate the look of natural stones but are a much easier product to install. From Handyman to professional installers, Stone or brick Veneers couldn’t be easier to install for the desired look of a beautifully ornate stone fireplace.

Mountain Ledge Quickfit Banff Blend Fireplace Surround Stone Veneers
Midwestern Quickfit Smokey Mountain Fireplace Stone
Mountain Ledge quickfit Sandy beach Fireplace Stone

Quality Fireplace Stone Veneers from Stonepark

At Stonepark, we offer an extensive selection of fireplace stone and brick veneer colours and textures to suit your living space. From large, rustic stones, to smaller intricate stone designs, we have a selection to meet any design taste. Get in touch with the team at Stonepark today, London, Ontario’s stone and brick veneers specialists, to start planning your fireplace renovation project today.